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Is the Future of Easy Payday Loans?

PaydayLoansHelp is quick and easy loans lender that works similar to other payday loans. The only difference is they're taking strides to make payday loans easier to pay off. They are also working with their customers to educate them and help them become more financially responsible.

What is PaydayLoansHelp?

It may be hard to find a credible payday loan lender that you can trust. As easy as payday loans seem, there are a lot of companies that will trick you into paying a lot more than you need for a small loan. That's where PaydayLoansHelp comes in. A socially responsible payday lender that can help you get back on your feet, build your credit, and even educate you on becoming financially responsible.


How Does PaydayLoansHelp Work?

For customers, it's as easy as signing up online, which takes about 5 minutes. As PaydayLoansHelp is online only, they work through algorithms to determine if you're able to receive a loan. Once all is cleared, PaydayLoansHelp can transfer the loan into your bank account. The entire process takes about 15 minutes. And, lucky for you, there are no hidden fees or rollovers.

As for paying back, PaydayLoansHelp understands they cannot succeed as a company unless the loaner pays them back. That is why they allow loan extensions of 30 days and helpful information on how to repay the loan. They also offer the ability to take money directly from your bank account or give you the option to when you want to transfer.


Earning Points with PaydayLoansHelp

The more you work with PaydayLoansHelp, the more points you earn that can give you higher limits to loans. For example, a silver member can borrow up to $ 250 for 30 days, while a platinum member can borrow $ 1 000 for 12 months.

Repaying your loans on time is one way to earn points. Another way is to take their online courses ranging from "Know Your Credit Rights" to "Better Budgeting". The more courses you take, the more points you earn.

Is PaydayLoansHelp Worth It?

PaydayLoansHelp is a path to an easy payday loan, however, it still is a payday loan. APRs for PaydayLoansHelp can range anywhere form 200% to 800%, which means you can end up owing a lot more than you originally borrowed.

That said, if you're in a jam and need help getting money quick, PaydayLoansHelp seems to be working to help a customer and not hurt them. Be sure to read the terms and conditions and weigh your other options such as other payday loan companies and beyond.